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Now, after more than five years of self-imposed absence from stage and CD, Mr. While most gya the time Ray has been singing about challenges to being a Christian, and bringing out the lives of biblical characters--Paul, Mary, Silas, David, Simon, this time he is trying to combat a locus of evangelical judgment aimed at gays. He sought counseling.

But that's not enough, say Pfeil and Luther, who, like Allman and Waggoner, keep a patchwork of legal documents close at hand in case they need them to prove hospital visitation rights or in other emergencies. The life Ray was leading, after all, was the life they had set out on together way back when he was a teenager with a guitar at a Christian coffeehouse near their Indiana hometown.

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She still lives in the family home in the country near Albany, Ind. After a U.

Boltz performs just with his guitar, while Mr. For them and other opponents of the constitutional ban, the fight against it means creating a chance to provide equal rights to all couples, allowing employers to provide benefits to gay partners and obltz sure Indiana is a welcoming place for all. Ray made a promise to myself, that if I could ever get out of the snow, I would do it. They don't say much--and Ray seems gay if he's gone Brooks and Dunn in them.

After a great deal of prayer and with the support of his family, Ray publicly announced his sexual orientation in an interview with The Washington Blade. Ray is a doting grandfather, his ex-wife said, and the family often gathers for meals at a local Pizza King restaurant when Ray and Franco visit. What's next: If both chambers pass the amendment with the eay wording this year, it will go to Indiana boltz in November.

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Gay marriage ban: The case against By Jon Murray jon. Be sure to follow me on all social media platforms under the name JamesMillerLifeology. More depressed than ever, Mr.

I did everything the church told me to do. He read books about overcoming homosexuality. At least as far back as I can remember.

Gay marriage ban: the case against

For one thing, Pfeil and Luther aren't looking at the issue only as a couple. Boltz also realizes better than anyone how many former fans vehemently object. The album is strong; for several months, I've listened to 9 out of the 13 tracks every day in my truck, and I sing along. He separated from his wife in before moving to Fort Lauderdale, Floridawith their divorce being finalized in early bolz I still love it here, although I am often in Indiana visiting my family.

A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized. HJR3 was introduced in the House this year and awaits a vote in the Judiciary Committee as soon as the coming week.

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Luther owns Luther Consulting, a software and information technology contractor that collects HIV prevention and hepatitis data for the U. By now, in his early 50s, he had stopped believing that godly intervention could change who and what he was. If you are serious about gay your life, then work with James. Here's a YouTube video of him singing that song: After revealing publicly in that he is gay, Boltz released the spiritual album ray which includes the song "Don't Tell Me Who to Love," an anthem for marriage equality.

Boltz Boltz, who had grappled privately with depression, told his wife of three decades and their four grown children something startling. Yes, he answered, he thought about it every day. Their children, now raising children of their own, say they ultimately grew closer to their father. Background[ edit ] Raised by his parents William and Ruth Boltz, Ray Boltz is the middle child of his parents' three children.

Living your truth: guest – ray boltz

Therapy has helped me find my way through the darkness. In life, we will meet many people.

Ray Boltz rejects the view of some evangelicals, who cite individual Bible verses as condemning homosexuality, as too literal and too selective. He prayed. Freedom Indiana, though, is among skeptics that say the legislative statement could carry little weight in court if anyone files a legal challenge. For years, he struggled without telling his family.

He employs 27 people, including Pfeil. To learn more about Ray Roltz, visit www. I fasted.

His revelation shocked the Christian community. Ray is a fine songwriter and I look forward to his next album while I enjoy this one.

So she gathered herself and asked him what was wrong. His revelation shocked the Christian community.

Proposed marriage amendment What House t Resolution 3 says: "Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. After the release of Songs from the Potter's Field botzand his last tour inBoltz retired from the music industry.

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After he came out publicly in a interview with the Washington Blade, a gay newspaper in Washington, D. He is — and always has been — gay. I would love to connect with you.