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Paint nite ideas I Am Want Nsa

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Paint nite ideas

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Make sure you have plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages as well!

Hi, i'm heidi!

We had so much fun spending the afternoon chatting, laughing, sipping, and painting! The carbon paper transfers the pencil lines onto the canvas — easy peasy! I usually idead two bottles of wine for every three guests, which generally works out well as some guests may bring their own drinks. Source How much paint should I get?

It was so much fun to host my own wine and paint party, and niet that I have one session under my belt, I can see a lot more of these parties in my future! Be creative and use what you have around the house. Anything purchased through these links helps support our family at no additional cost to you; thank you for your support! Most craft paints are acrylic paint unless it says otherwise.

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We used dark green to add shadowing and shading to each of the succulent leaves to finish up Step 3. The first step was to trace the edge of the succulent pattern onto the canvases. Anyone can paint with these easy to follow steps! You can find these at Michaels and Amazon! If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! We also just used paintbrushes that I had laying around.

Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. The 2oz bottles of craft paints can go for up to 8 people in my experience. White is usually a staple color for my tutorials so I always make sure I have extra of that color.

Use ready-to-go supplies from Social Artworking for easy planning and set-up! Out of curiosity I searched for easy painting tutorials on YouTube. For easels, we propped our canvases up against stools!

What is paint nite?

After the green layer of paint was dry a hair dryer can help to speed up the process! Tip: If you ever need help transferring colors from my tutorials to what paints you are using, paimt free to message me! I find that Amazon. Step-by-step printed instructions, tips, and color mixing guides were also included!

This succulent painting was estimated to take 2. Here is how we did our at home paint night date: Supplies: We used this Yo uTube video. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Artist Loft is a decent student grade acrylic paint. I plan on sharing all successful ideas that we try here on the blog, so make sure you are subscribed! These can be found at Michaels and Amazon.

I know how important it is for my husband and I to spend quality time together, but it is so much easier said than idess I love using Apple Barrel paints for paint parties and they are readily available to Walmart and Amazon! For Step 4, we added pink edging to each of the petals. See how easy that was? Device to play YouTube video.

Host your own wine & paint party

From there I planned an at home version for us to do together once Henry was asleep. Maybe we were just having too much fun, but it took our group anywhere from 2. I use the formula. Instead of letting these excuses get in the way, we decided we will start having at iddeas date nights!

Diy paint party supplies

Nlte of my goals for was to prioritize our marriage and date nights again. My sister, Kari, is an amazing painter, so naturally her finished painting was super awesome side note: see that pretty purple dandelion painting hanging in the background? Here are economical individual brushes I would recommend for a paint party based on the most common types of brushes used:. If your friends are wine drinkers, have lots of wine on hand.

It was a lot of fun to do something so nife and spend some quality time together!

Or you can look a the helpful color swatches I make for my tutorials and try to match your colors. We plan on alternating choosing the date and we are going to try and be more creative than just watching a movie together on the couch.

Popular free online tutorials by tracie kiernan:

We started with a mixture of green and blue and slowly added white mite the mix to achieve all of the different variations in color. She painted that for me a few years ago, too! Step 5 the final step! Want to see just how easy the Social Artworking party was?