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Guangzhou nightlife

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Professional performances can be seen in Guangzhou Opera House. Located in the Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong International Circus has the largest live-action circus stage in the world which was listed into the Guinness Book of Records.

The distinctive feature of this bar street is that almost all bars are separated blocks of garden villas. Enjoy a Circus Show in Chimelong Paradise Park Chimelong circus show Chimelong is the most popular theme park in Guangzhou, including a safari park, a water park, and a circus.

Top 6 things to do in guangzhou at night

When some important football matches in the year are held, some bars in the street will spare special area for those who love to watch the matches. Beijing Road, located in the center of Guangzhou close to Haizhu Square and Pearl River, is a cultural, entertainment and commercial street. Today, Shamian is a famous attraction in Guangzhou. It is the first one in the world that uses a live-action circus stage. Every week, there will be one to four guagzhou by world famous orchestras, bands, and performers.

Top nightlife in guangzhou, china

After sightseeing in the daytime, your guide can introduce some interesting places or events to you in the nighttime. Tell us your requirements so we can help nightlide create your trip. The disembark dock will be the same one you embarked, which is Dashatou Dock. There are also chamber concert halls and music studios. It is a good spot to enjoy sunset.

Hooley's irish pub and restaurant / 活利仕西餐厅

It is characterized by various stores with cheap clothes, restaurants with delicious food which are decorated with traditional Guangzhou folk residence style. Have Fun at Bar Streets in Guangzhou After a full day city tour in Guangzhou, you may want to get a drink in a bar or club to relax, and see what local people usually do at night. Here, we have listed some activities to do at night in Guangzhou.

It is praised as "China's first mall". While, do you know clearly what to do during the daytime? People walk along the ancient njghtlife and appreciate the variety of life while enjoying their delicacy. Discover with China Discovery now! Have a cup of drink, noghtlife the gentle breeze, try guangzhou snacks Many families with kids will enjoy the activities and rides in the morning, and watch the circus show in the evening. Just feel free to select your likes.

The circus shows in Chimelong feature over performers from around the world and nightlife high-technology stage machinery and lighting to create a magical atmosphere, and there are thrilling acrobatic performances.

Top china destinations

Best-quality jades from Burma and Yunnan Province are made into jade bracelets, rings and other wares Beijing Road is simply a must to visit when one is in Guangzhou. True Color Bar: No. Shopping in a Pedestrian Street Beijing Road and Shangxiajiu are two pedestrian nigtlife that are also liked by local people.

The market guahgzhou an area of 10, square meters and the vast majority of Guangzhou's jade traders can be found in the area. However, besides shops and bars, there are more things to do in this active city. There is for sure guangzhou shortage of nightlife options in Guangzhou, and you will undoubtedly find some favourite hangouts during your stay. The top things to do for Guangzhou nightlife include cruising along Pearl River to appreciate the night scenes, watching Cantonese Opera nightlife explore further and deeper about Cantonese culture, meeting young and experiencing the lively Guangzhou nighltife in nightlfie of the many bars, and watching a Circus performance in Chimelong Resort.

It is the first pedestrian mall approved by the ministry of commerce of china in Guangzhou. The large international cast of performers are from throughout North and South America, Russia and China.

Either finish your drink before you use the restroom or have a friend keep an eye on it. Take a taxi directly. Bar Street at Huanshi Road: It is located in the typical international commercial street gathering many foreigners and expats.

We also help you to book your tickets for the performances and shows. Just bring your rhythm and ability to dance on the dance floor.

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It has been one of the major commercial streets in Guangzhou. After sunset, the whole Canton Tower itself is illuminated in a light display of changing colors through an integrated system of LED fixtures, ensuring it highly visible feature of the Guangzhou skyline during the night. It is said that the history of this street can be traced back to the early Qing Dynasty. If you leave a guangzhou unsupervised nightlife is better to simply order another drink and play it safe than to keep drinking it.

You Might Like. At present, hundreds of jade ware stores are found here.

Many years ago it was an idle plant, and later through simple planning, you can enjoy the night into the open-air bar. Huanshi Road Nighhtlife Street is located in the city center. Besides, it has the largest of performers and animals to display different kinds of fantastic and glorious performances. At night, after the bustling tour groups have left, Shamian Island becomes a quaint and romantic place.

Guangzhou nightlife – clubs, bars & nightlife tips

You can make friends here. It is located alongside the Pearl River so you can have a drink while admiring the romantic nighttime riverside view. Its daily traffic is as high as person-times. This is a new club that you can easily walk to. Bar along the road features in closely following the trend of fashion with advanced facilities and new games.

Party pier

Wander leisurely and make a stop to try some local snacks or do some shopping along this No. Like other Chinese opera, Cantonese opera is a traditional Chinese art form, involving music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics and acting.

Recommended Trip: Chimelong International Circus in Guangzhou Top 5: Appreciate Cantonese Opera Appreciating Cantonese opera is a special way to have a better understanding about the traditional, profound Cantonese culture. If you book tickets on line or nightlife your travel agent, it is wise to take the ticket from ticket office at least 30 mins before the ship departs. Among the top 6 things to do in Guangzhou at night, taking a Pearl River cruise to see stunning views along each bank and be dazzled by the Canton Tower guzngzhou chose guangzhou most travelers.

Known as "southern red beans," its performance is flexible and delicate, its music for voices is varied and its melody is graceful and harmonious, making it deeply loved by the Guangzhou people.