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(four)BIG DIK(one) ONLY. Called by a girl's name, treated like a girl, shopping, trying on clothes. I'd like to go for a ride sometime.

Age: 55
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Am Looking Sexy Meet
City: Buckhannon, North Miami Beach
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Out Of Towner Seeks An Outgoing Buddy

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The anal fucking is pretty great, but all and all this scene is more focused on humiliation and foum bjs. Anal sex - advice please from those who like it! Unfortunately it's not anal only, but the third scene with Rocco does actually have him screwing a girl without any pussy fucking. Initially I was definitely in the 'no thank you never never never' camp but then I just read up about it out of interest why he's so keen to try.

Girl meets boy over "Anal Tinder" for a great anal fucking session.

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It's all absolutely great and worth it if your an anal aficionado. And whether any body has any tips for how to make it feel anzl for me as well as him. Oral is fine. I would list their scenes here, but they already have a forum for discussing them and there's just too many scenes to go over.

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That's right, straight to ass and no pussy fucking in between. Re: Anal sex! I'll go ahead and list some scenes that are anal only and check on the thread every now and then. I would say it was a pleasant sensation but I read so many people saying that anzl gives way more intense orgasms and I was really hoping for this but didn't get near it. Anal Warriors by Arch Angel: Fantastic anal only fucking!!!

Oral and anal sex

For special occasions only. Okay anal only scene, but mostly focused on sloppy bjs rather full on fucking. So to name a few scenes aanal movies: Rocco's Italian Porn Camp 2: Great anal focus with some very attractive talent, male and female. A nice guy, but just weird when it came to sex.

Very rare!!! Anal isn't a regular part of my sex life, more like a birthday treat.

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The third scene was a DP. The relationship didn't last very long, he was quite weird with sex. In a matter fact during most scenes I would say that a lot of the pussy fucking is rather unnecessary.

We've had anal sex twice now. I found that squatting on to him and doggy was the most satisfying. List any scenes, thoughts, or comments, and lets get this party rolling.

Whether you've already made a commitment to only have anal sex with a partner or are just turned on by the idea and were led here by perverted curiosity, you'll find yourself in good company. A personal wnal out to LegalPorno and all their fans! Let's keep this thread to the point and on topic!

We clicked on many levels. Even though this an anal only thread, some scenes are just too good to pass, so if there is some pussy fucking please say so! Wanted me to pee on him!!!

Right now they're the only major studio making any scenes that are openly anal only and it's all thanks to a very anally devoted fanbase! Foum tips would be greatly appreciated by us both!!

Torum anal focus, but not anal only unfortunately. All Internal 5: The ahal mini-gangbang scene was anal only with anal creampies. So I was wondering whether this is normal after only two attempts and whether things get better as you do it more and relax more into it. Some years later I met another guy who was special. This ended up with me being really quite intrigued by it so we tried it!

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Follow Us. If your into ass to pussy, this movie has a ton of it.

Thanks x Hi, My husband told me a while ago he'd like to try anal sex. We tried anal, he was slow and gentle, lots of foreplay and rimming to get me warmed up. Started off buying some butt plugs and have worked up to full sex.